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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
26-Sep-2022Accurate and efficient Wi-Fi fingerprinting-based indoor positioning in large areasRamires, Moises; Torres-Sospedra, Joaquín; Moreira, AdrianoConference paperOpen access
13-Nov-2012Combining similarity functions and majority rules for multi-building, multi-floor, WiFi positioningMarques, Nelson; Meneses, Filipe; Moreira, AdrianoConference paperOpen access
1-Jun-2012Editorial [to] Journal of Location Based ServicesMoreira, Adriano; Rainer, MautzJournal editorialRestricted access (UMinho)
2021Ensembling multiple radio maps with dynamic noise in fingerprint-based indoor positioningTorres-Sospedra, Joaquín; Aranda, Fernando J.; Alvarez, Fernando J., et al.Conference paperOpen access
Sep-2011Evaluating location fingerprinting methods for underground GSM networks deployed over Leaky FeederPereira, Fernando; Theis, Christian; Moreira, Adriano, et al.Conference paperOpen access
Jul-2014Experimental performance comparison of indoor positioning algorithms based on received signal strengthSilva, Hélder D.; Afonso, José A.; Rocha, Luís A.Conference paperOpen access
2015Experimental study on RSS based indoor positioning algorithmsSilva, Hélder David Malheiro; Afonso, José A.; Rocha, Luís Alexandre MachadoBook partOpen access
13-Apr-2016Indoor Positioning System with AndroidDias, João António da CruzMaster thesis Open access
2023L/F-CIPS: Collaborative indoor positioning for smartphones with lateration and fingerprintingPascacio, Pavel; Torres-Sospedra, Joaquín; Casteleyn, Sven, et al.ArticleOpen access
18-Dec-2012Localização em redes Wi-FiFernandes, João Paulo da FonsecaMaster thesis Open access
Jan-2022LoRaWAN fingerprinting with K-Means: the relevance of clusters visual inspectionTorres-Sospedra, Joaquín; Aernouts, Michiel; Moreira, Adriano, et al.Conference paperOpen access
13-Nov-2012Multi-technology RF fingerprinting with leaky-feeder in underground tunnelsPereira, Fernando; Theis, Christian; Moreira, Adriano, et al.Conference paperOpen access
1-Jun-2012Performance and limits of KNN-based positioning methods for GSM networks over leaky feeder in underground tunnelsPereira, Fernando; Theis, Christian; Moreira, Adriano, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
5-Jan-2023RTLS Tag - indoor mobile positioning deviceCosta, Pedro BobiãoMaster thesis Open access
Jan-2022Towards accelerated localization performance across indoor positioning datasetsKlus, Lucie; Quezada-Gaibor, Darwin; Torres-Sospedra, Joaquín, et al.Conference paperOpen access
15-Dec-2022Two-level fingerprint-based indoor positioning using advanced Machine LearningRamires, Moisés Manuel Borba RorizMaster thesis Open access