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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2017Agilizar o deployment de aplicações modernasDionísio, Nuno Silvino SantosMaster thesis Open access
26-Jul-2021Anomaly detection in fleet service vehicles: improving object segmentationMorais, Joel TomásMaster thesis Open access
30-May-2022Automation of machine learning models benchmarkingSá, João Pedro BarrosMaster thesis Open access
12-Dec-2018Deeploy: a neural network computer vision tool (for the NVidia Tegra TX2 Embedded System)Fernandes, João Pedro AlvesMaster thesis Open access
2022Detection and classification of small impacts on vehicles based on deep learning algorithmsNascimento, Bruno Manuel MacedoMaster thesis Open access
2022Development of a classification algorithm for vehicle impacts: an anomaly detection approachPereira, Rita Alexandra FerreiraMaster thesis Open access
30-Dec-2019Development of an algorithm for counting vehicles and pedestrians based on videoMatos, MiguelMaster thesis Open access
2018In-vehicle object detection with YOLO algorithmFarinha, João SimõesMaster thesis Open access
2018Influence of near-infrared images in the object detection taskSilva, Pedro Nuno Rodrigues daMaster thesis Open access
21-Oct-2021Optimization of deep learning algorithms for an autonomous RC vehiclePereira, André Filipe AmorimMaster thesis Open access
2022Orchestrator selection process for cloud-native machine learning experimentationSousa, Afonso Rafael CarvalhoMaster thesis Open access
17-May-2022Refactoring Java monoliths into executable microservice-based applicationsFreitas, Francisco José OliveiraMaster thesis Open access
21-Apr-2022Sensor fusion for detection and classification of vehicle impactsSantos, João Gabriel Lopes dosMaster thesis Open access