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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2020Assessment of microbial community interactions using different toolsRibeiro, Catarina MoreiraMaster thesis Open access
2021Bacteriophage-host determinants: identification of bacteriophage receptors through machine learning techniquesAraújo, Pedro Henrique Matela Aidos Manso deMaster thesis Open access
2021Biochemical complex data generation and integration in genome-scale metabolic modelsRibeiro, João Manuel Capela AraújoMaster thesis Open access
30-May-2022Bioinformatics approaches for engineering L-tyrosine production in Escherichia coliLopes, Maria João MogadouroMaster thesis Open access
31-Jul-2023Blueprint: documenting the complexity of metabolic regulation by reconstruction of integrated metabolic-regulatory modelsCruz, Fernando João PereiraDoctoral thesisOpen access
22-Jul-2019Comparative analysis and characterization of industrial Streptococcus thermophilus genomesIsabelinho, Tiago Filipe PereiraMaster thesis Open access
2022Development and analysis of mathematical models to study metabolic constraints and capacities in different photosynthetic typesMachado, Tiago MoreiraMaster thesis Open access
13-Nov-2019Development and implementation of a repository for transcriptional regulatory informationLima, Diogo BatistaMaster thesis Open access
2017Development and implementation of bioinformatics tools for the reconstruction of GiSMosDias, António Carlos Fortuna RibeiroMaster thesis Open access
13-Dec-2022Development and implementation of methodologies for integrating omics data with genomic-scaled metabolic modelsRocha, Miguel Alexandre OliveiraMaster thesis Open access
2016Development of a computational approach for the identification and annotation of transport proteinsFaria, Daniel Torres VarzimMaster thesis Open access
16-Dec-2022Development of a deep learning-based computational framework for the classification of protein sequencesBarros, Miguel Ângelo PereiraMaster thesis Open access
16-Dec-2022Development of a framework for the classification of antibiotics adjuvantsSilva, Carla Rafaela Mendes daMaster thesis Open access
14-Dec-2018Development of bioinformatics tools for the classification of transporter systemsLagoa, Davide Rafael SantosMaster thesis Open access
6-Dec-2018Development of bioinformatics tools to accelerate the reconstruction of genome-scale modelsMorais, José Amaro FerreiraMaster thesis Open access
27-Apr-2023Development of deep learning models for scRNA data analysisMacedo, Diogo Duarte PintoMaster thesis Open access
19-Dec-2022Development of DNA sequence classifiers based on deep learningAbreu, João Nuno Cardoso Gonçalves deMaster thesis Open access
15-Dec-2022Ecological modelling to describe the role of light on microbial interactions in Ulva spp. with implications in aquaculturePereira, Juliana MarquesMaster thesis Open access
25-May-2022Genome-scale metabolic modelling of an extremophile microbial communityNunes, Rui Ricardo BarrosMaster thesis Open access
31-Dec-2019Genome-scale metabolic modelling of the pathogen Xylella fastidiosaSilva, Miguel Ângelo Fernandes daMaster thesis Open access