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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
5-Dec-20143D application debuggingLiu, André Alexandre WangMaster thesis Open access
9-Jul-2009Ambientes virtuais povoados com simulação eficiente de detecção de colisões e planeamento de trajectos em navegação realmente 3DDeusdado, Leonel DominguesDoctoral thesisOpen access
26-Jul-2021Anomaly detection in fleet service vehicles: improving object segmentationMorais, Joel TomásMaster thesis Open access
2017Community based repository for georeferenced traffic signsNovais, Hélder Manuel PereiraMaster thesis Open access
7-Nov-2011Cross platform 3D rendering engines and mobile devices/smartphonesBeernaert, Leander Edward BessaMaster thesis Open access
16-May-2022Data center visualizationCapa, Pedro Miguel da CostaMaster thesis Open access
21-Mar-2022Data structure centered SPH performance evaluationBarbosa, Paulo Alexandre FerreiraMaster thesis Open access
30-Dec-2019Development of an algorithm for counting vehicles and pedestrians based on videoMatos, MiguelMaster thesis Open access
5-Apr-2022Exploring mesh shadersCarvalho, Miguel Ângelo Abreu deMaster thesis Open access
2018A fully configurable virtual laboratory of classical mechanicsSilva, Alexandre Ventosa daMaster thesis Open access
24-Feb-2023High performance fourier transforms on GPUs with GLSLMota, Jorge Francisco Teixeira Bastos daMaster thesis Open access
2018Image recognition using deep learningBarbosa, Bruno Miguel da SilvaMaster thesis Open access
2017Mobile AR for large 3D scenes using markersCarvalho, Pedro Nicolau MachadoMaster thesis Open access
14-Oct-2010Motor de eventosPereira, Marta Susana GonçalvesMaster thesis Open access
3-Jun-2019Numerical surgery: Modeling, simulation and visualization in real timeLopes, Diogo Alberto RochaDoctoral thesisOpen access
2019Prometheus: a generic e-commerce crawler for the study of business markets and other e-commerce problemsDias, João Tiago PereiraMaster thesis Open access
31-Jan-2023Q-Learning applied to games: a reward focused studyFerreira, Pedro Henrique de PassosMaster thesis Open access
2022Real-time rendering of particle based fluid simulationsFernandes, José Carlos PereiraMaster thesis Open access
23-Dec-2019Retopology: a comprehensive study of current automation solutions from an artist’s workflow perspectiveSilva, António Pedro Carvalho Machado daMaster thesis Open access
19-Jun-2006Robust and hardware-accelerated 3D point and line reconstruction from imagesRodrigues, RuiDoctoral thesisOpen access