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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2005Reforço ao corte de vigas T de betão armado por inserção de laminados de CFRPDias, Salvador J. E.; Barros, Joaquim A. O.Conference paperOpen access
2005An efficient confinement strategy with CFRP sheets to increase the energy absorption capacity of RC concrete columnsBarros, Joaquim A. O.; Ferreira, Débora R. S. M.Conference paperOpen access
2013Creep behavior of concrete elements strengthened with NSM CFRP laminate strips under different environmental conditionsSena-Cruz, José; Silva, Patrícia; Fernandes, Pedro Miguel Gomes; Azenha, Miguel; Barros, Joaquim A. O.; Sousa, Christoph Fernandes; Castro, Fernando; Teixeira, Tiago André NunesConference paperOpen access
2014A new methodology for assisting quality control of NSM-CFRP systems since very early agesFernandes, Pedro Miguel Gomes; Granja, José; Sena-Cruz, José; Azenha, Miguel; Benedetti, AndreaConference paperOpen access
Sep-2012Efficiency of different techniques in seismic strengthening of RC beam-column jointsCoelho, Mário Rui Freitas; Fernandes, Pedro Miguel Gomes; Sena-Cruz, José; Barros, Joaquim A. O.Conference paperOpen access
Dec-2015Prestress losses in reinforced concrete beams strengthened with NSM-CFRP laminatesCosta, Inês G.; Barros, Joaquim A. O.Conference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
2012Bond behaviour of concrete elements strengthened with NSM CFRP laminate strips under wet-dry cyclesSena-Cruz, José; Fernandes, Pedro Miguel Gomes; Silva, Patrícia; Xavier, J.; Barros, Joaquim A. O.; Coelho, Mário Rui FreitasConference paperOpen access
2013Evaluation of code formulations for NSM CFRP bond strength of RC elementsCoelho, Mário Rui Freitas; Sena-Cruz, José; Dias, Salvador J. E.; Miranda, Tiago F. S.Conference paperOpen access
2013Flexural response of HSC girders strengthened with non- and prestressed CFRP laminatesFernandes, P.; Sena-Cruz, José; Fernandes, C.; Silva, Patrícia; Costa, Daniel Dias da; Júlio, EduardoConference paperOpen access
May-2014Analytical and experimental study of RC slab strips strengthned with CFRP laminatesDalfré, Gláucia; Barros, Joaquim A. O.Conference paperOpen access