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TitleOptimal management of groundwater withdrawals in coastal aquifers
Author(s)Silva, Júlio F. Ferreira da
Haie, Naim
Cunha, Maria da Conceição
Ribeiro, Luís Tavares
KeywordsSeawater intrusion
Security distance for wells
Coastal groundwater withdrawals
Issue dateSep-2007
PublisherInternational Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH/AIH)
CitationIAH CONGRESS, 35, Lisboa, Portugal, 2007 - “Groundwater and ecosystems : proceedings”. [S.l. : International Association of Hydrogeologists, 2007].
Abstract(s)In this work, an optimisation model has been developed for planning and managing saltwater-intruded coastal aquifer systems. We apply this model, which uses the simulation / optimisation approach, for managing water resources in coastal areas. The management model finds the best policies to maximize the present value of economic results of meeting water demands and to keep under control the saltwater intrusion. The idea of security distance to a control point provides the establishment of a trade-off relationship between the increased management cost and the desired level of protection. The model was applied to a typical case with interesting results. It was also crucial to have an understanding of the tradeoffs between groundwater withdrawals, positions of the wells from the coast line, and the security distance. This model allows the sustainable use of coastal water resources.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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