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TitleOn Roth's pseudo equivalence over rings
Author(s)Hartwig, Robert E.
Patrício, Pedro
KeywordsRegular rings
Roth equivalence
Issue dateApr-2007
PublisherInternational Linear Algebra Society (ILAS)
JournalElectronic Journal of Linear Algebra
Citation"Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra". ISSN ISSN 1081-3810. 16 (Apr. 2007) 111-124.
Abstract(s)The pseudo-equivalence of a block lower triangular matrix T = [T_{ij}] over a regular ring and its block diagonal matrix D(T) = [T_{ii}] is characterized in terms of suitable Roth consistency conditions. The latter can in turn be expressed in terms of the solvability of certain matrix equations of the form T_{ii}X - YT_{jj} = U_{ij}.
AccessOpen access
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