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TitleStrategies towards reduction of cellulases consumption: debottlenecking the economics of lignocellulosics valorization processes
Author(s)Gomes, Daniel Gonçalves
Cunha, Joana Filipa Torres Pinheiro
Zanuso, Elisa
Teixeira, J. A.
Domingues, Lucília
KeywordsLignocellulosic materials
Complex sugars
Enzymatic hydrolysis
Cellulases recycling
Enzyme immobilization
Consolidated bioprocessing
Issue date2-May-2021
CitationGomes, Daniel G.; Cunha, J.; Zanuso, Elisa; Teixeira, José A.; Domingues, Lucília, Strategies towards reduction of cellulases consumption: debottlenecking the economics of lignocellulosics valorization processes. Polysaccharides, 2(2), 287-310, 2021
Abstract(s)Lignocellulosic residues have been receiving growing interest as a promising source of polysaccharides, which can be converted into a variety of compounds, ranging from biofuels to bioplastics. Most of these can replace equivalent products traditionally originated from petroleum, hence representing an important environmental advantage. Lignocellulosic materials are theoretically unlimited, cheaper and may not compete with food crops. However, the conversion of these materials to simpler sugars usually requires cellulolytic enzymes. Being still associated with a high cost of production, cellulases are commonly considered as one of the main obstacles in the economic valorization of lignocellulosics. This work provides a brief overview of some of the most studied strategies that can allow an important reduction of cellulases consumption, hence improving the economy of lignocellulosics conversion. Cellulases recycling is initially discussed regarding the main processes to recover active enzymes and the most important factors that may affect enzyme recyclability. Similarly, the potential of enzyme immobilization is analyzed with a special focus on the contributions that some elements of the process can offer for prolonged times of operation and improved enzyme stability and robustness. Finally, the emergent concept of consolidated bioprocessing (CBP) is also described in the particular context of a potential reduction of cellulases consumption.
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