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TitleEvaluation of a co-financing model for the mitigation of runoff negative pollution
Author(s)Arezes, D.
Pinto, Lígia
Ramísio, Paulo J.
KeywordsEnvironmental externality
Sustainable development
Urban runoff
Issue dateSep-2018
PublisherInternational Water Association Publishing (IWAP)
CitationArezes D., Pinto L. C., Ramísio P. J. Evaluation of a Co-Financing Model for the Mitigation of Runoff Negative Pollution, IWA World Congress & Exhibition, 2018
Abstract(s)As a result of the intense traffic, characteristic of the developed world, urban and highway runoff are responsible for negative environmental externalities that has a huge impact on the quality of life and on ecosystems. Although there is scientific and technical knowledge to control this type of pollution, the financing model seems to be one of the limitations. In this sense, and based on the Contingent Valuation Method, a research was developed to study the main factors that influence the perception of the population and to assess their availability to participate, actively and financially, in the resolution of this problem. The results of this research provide a contribution for the implementation of co-financing strategies for holistic and integrated programs that, on one hand, mitigate the negative effects of urban and highway runoff and, on the other hand, enhance the sustainable development and life quality in the urban environment.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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