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TitleElectrochemical oxidation of amoxicillin on carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotube supported metal modified electrodes
Author(s)Ferreira, Marta
Kuzniarska-Biernacka, Iwona
Fonseca, António
Neves, Isabel C.
Soares, Olívia S. G. P.
Pereira, Manuel F. R.
Figueiredo, José L.
Parpot, Pier
CNT and M/CNT modified electrodes
Surface properties
Reaction pathways
Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
Issue date2019
JournalCatalysis Today
CitationFerreira, Marta; Kuzniarska-Biernacka, Iwona; Fonseca, António; Neves, Isabel C.; Soares, Olívia S. G. P.; Pereira, Manuel F. R.; Figueiredo, José L.; Parpot, Pier, Electrochemical oxidation of amoxicillin on carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotube supported metal modified electrodes. Catalysis Today, 357, 322-331, 2019.
Abstract(s)The electrolysis of amoxicillin (AMX) was carried out on CNT, Pt/CNT and Ru/CNT modified electrodes based on Carbon Toray in 0.1 M NaOH, 0.1 M NaCl and 0.1 M Na2CO3/NaHCO3 buffer (pH 10) media with the aim of studying the significance of two factors, electrode material and pH, on the oxidative degradation and mineralization of AMX. For this purpose, the electrolysis products were identified by HPLC-MS and GC-MS, and quantified by HPLC-UV-RID and IC. The highest carbon mineralization efficiency, corresponding to 30 % of the oxidized AMX, was found for Pt/CNT modified electrode in carbonate buffer medium. Regarding to the AMX conversion, the results show that the effect of pH is higher than that of the electrode material. Principal component analysis allowed to determine the experimental parameters vs. product distribution relationship and to elucidate the oxidation pathways for the studied electrodes. The results show that the hydroxylation of the aromatic ring and the nitrogen atom play an important role on the efficient degradation of AMX.
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