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TitleAs time goes by: survival analysis as a method to study topics in entrepreneurship
Author(s)Ferreira, Priscila
KeywordsSurvival analysis
Duration models
Multiple destinations
Issue date26-Jun-2020
PublisherEdward Elgar Publishing
CitationFerreira, P. (2020). As time goes by: survival analysis as a method to study topics in entrepreneurship. In Handbook of Quantitative Research Methods in Entrepreneurship. Edward Elgar Publishing
Abstract(s)This chapter aims at presenting how survival analysis methods can be used to study topics related to entrepreneurship. The availability of data that allow the identification of how long a subject is in a state, represents an opportunity to study transitions from one state to another taking into account the length of each spell. In this chapter I use the example of the time that a startup firm takes to leave a business incubator and go through the econometric specification of a continuous time parametric model applied to the study of transitions into multiple possible destinations. I also discuss some alternatives to this specification, such as the Cox Proportional Hazards model and discrete time duration models.
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