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TitleMicrobial conversion of oily wastes to methane: effect of ferric nanomaterials
Author(s)Martins, V. A.
Martins, Gilberto
Carvalho, Ana Rita Castro
Pereira, Luciana
Alves, M. M.
Cavaleiro, A. J.
Soares, O. S. G. P.
Pereira, M. F. R.
Issue date2020
PublisherTaylor and Francis
CitationMartins, V. A.; Martins, Gilberto; Castro, Rita; Pereira, Luciana; Alves, M. Madalena; Cavaleiro, Ana Júlia; Soares, O. S. G. P.; Pereira, M. F. R., Microbial conversion of oily wastes to methane: effect of ferric nanomaterials. In Vilarinho, C.; Castro, F.; Gonçalves, M.; Fernando, A.L., Wastes: Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities III (Selected Papers from the 5th International Conference Wastes 2019, September 4-6, 2019, Lisbon, Portugal), Leiden: Taylor & Francis Group, 2020. ISBN: 978-0367-25777-4, 339-345
Abstract(s)Petroleum-based oily wastes are generated by the oil industry and can be treated/valorized by anaerobic microbial conversion to methane. However, this process is generallyslow.Conductivenanomaterialswerereportedtoacceleratetheinterspecieselectrontransfer in anaerobic communities and therefore their addition to anaerobic processes treating hydrocarbons may also be advantageous. In this work, two ferric nanomaterials (magnetite and carbon nanotubes impregnated with 2% iron) were tested in microcosms amended with hexadecane and 1-hexadecene. Assays were also made with palmitate, acetate and H2/CO2, which are intermediates of hydrocarbons biodegradation.With the exception of hexadecane, methane was produced at close-to-stoichiometric amounts for each of the substrates tested. Methane production rates were similar with and without the nanomaterials, possibly due to the inability of the microorganisms to receive/transfer electrons to the materials in this microbial community, suggesting that electron transfer occurred indirectly via soluble electron shuttles (e.g. hydrogen or formate).
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
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