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dc.contributor.authorYeung, A. W. K.por
dc.contributor.authorAggarwal, B. B.por
dc.contributor.authorOrhan, I. E.por
dc.contributor.authorHorbanczuk, O. K.por
dc.contributor.authorBarreca, D.por
dc.contributor.authorBattino, M.por
dc.contributor.authorBelwal, T.por
dc.contributor.authorBishayee, A.por
dc.contributor.authorDaglia, M.por
dc.contributor.authorDevkota, H. P.por
dc.contributor.authorEcheverría, J.por
dc.contributor.authorBalacheva, A.por
dc.contributor.authorGeorgieva, M.por
dc.contributor.authorGodfrey, K.por
dc.contributor.authorGupta, V. K.por
dc.contributor.authorHorbanczuk, J. O.por
dc.contributor.authorHuminiecki, L.por
dc.contributor.authorJózwik, A.por
dc.contributor.authorStrzalkowska, N.por
dc.contributor.authorMocan, A.por
dc.contributor.authorMozos, I.por
dc.contributor.authorNabavi, S. M.por
dc.contributor.authorPajpanova, T.por
dc.contributor.authorPittalà, V.por
dc.contributor.authorFeder-Kubis, J.por
dc.contributor.authorSampino, S.por
dc.contributor.authorSilva, A. S.por
dc.contributor.authorSheridan, H.por
dc.contributor.authorSureda, A.por
dc.contributor.authorTewari, D.por
dc.contributor.authorWang, D.por
dc.contributor.authorWeissig, V.por
dc.contributor.authorYang, Y.por
dc.contributor.authorZengin, G.por
dc.contributor.authorShanker, K.por
dc.contributor.authorMoosavi, M. A.por
dc.contributor.authorShah, M. A.por
dc.contributor.authorKozuharova, E.por
dc.contributor.authorAl-Rimawi, F.por
dc.contributor.authorDurazzo, A.por
dc.contributor.authorLucarini, M.por
dc.contributor.authorSouto, Eliana B.por
dc.contributor.authorSantini, A.por
dc.contributor.authorMalainer, C.por
dc.contributor.authorDjilianov, D.por
dc.contributor.authorTancheva, L. P.por
dc.contributor.authorLi, H. -B.por
dc.contributor.authorGan, R. -Y.por
dc.contributor.authorTzvetkov, N. T.por
dc.contributor.authorAtanasov, A. G.por
dc.contributor.authorEl-Demerdash, A.por
dc.identifier.citationYeung, A. W. K.; Aggarwal, B. B.; Orhan, I. E.; Horbanczuk, O. K.; Barreca, D.; Battino, M.; Belwal, T.; Bishayee, A.; Daglia, M.; Devkota, H. P.; Echeverría, J.; Balacheva, A.; Georgieva, M.; Godfrey, K.; Gupta, V. K.; Horbanczuk, J. O.; Huminiecki, L.; Józwik, A.; Strzalkowska, N.; Mocan, A.; Mozos, I.; Nabavi, S. M.; Pajpanova, T.; Pittalà, V.; Feder-Kubis, J.; Sampino, S.; Silva, A. S.; Sheridan, H.; Sureda, A.; Tewari, D.; Wang, D.; Weissig, V.; Yang, Y.; Zengin, G.; Shanker, K.; Moosavi, M. A.; Shah, M. A.; Kozuharova, E.; Al-Rimawi, F.; Durazzo, A.; Lucarini, M.; Souto, Eliana; Santini, A.; Malainer, C.; Djilianov, D.; Tancheva, L. P.; Li, H. -B.; Gan, R. -Y.; Tzvetkov, N. T.; Atanasov, A. G.; El-Demerdash, A., Resveratrol, a popular dietary supplement for human and animal health: Quantitative research literature analysis - a review. Animal Science Papers and Reports, 37(2), 103-118, 2019por
dc.description.abstractResveratrol is a stilbene-type bioactive molecule with a broad spectrum of reported biological effects. In this sense, the current work provides a comprehensive literature analysis on resveratrol, representing a highly-researched commercially available dietary ingredient. Bibliometric data were identified by means of the search string TOPIC=(resveratrol*) and analyzed with the VOSviewer software, which yielded 17,561 publications extracted from the Web of Science Core Collection electronic database. The ratio of original articles to reviews was 9.5:1. More than half of the overall manuscripts have been published since 2013. Major contributing countries were USA, China, Italy, South Korea, and Spain. Most of the publications appeared in journals specialized in biochemistry and molecular biology, pharmacology and pharmacy, food science technology, cell biology, or oncology. The phytochemicals or phytochemical classes that were frequently mentioned in the keywords of analyzed publications included, in descending order: resveratrol, trans-resveratrol, polyphenols, flavonoids, quercetin, stilbenes, curcumin, piceatannol, cis-resveratrol, and anthocyanins.por
dc.description.sponsorshipAtanas G. Atanasov and Dongdong Wang acknowledge the support by the Polish KNOW (Leading National Research Centre) Scientific Consortium “Healthy Animal - Safe Food,” decision of Ministry of Science and Higher Education No. 05-1/KNOW2/2015 and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund (Homing/2017-4/41). Antoni Sureda was supported by the Institute of Health Carlos III (Project CIBEROBN CB12/03/30038).por
dc.publisherPolish Scientific Publishers PWNpor
dc.subjectbiological activitiespor
dc.subjectcitation analysispor
dc.subjectWeb of Sciencepor
dc.titleResveratrol, a popular dietary supplement for human and animal health: Quantitative research literature analysis - a reviewpor
dc.subject.wosScience & Technologypor
sdum.journalAnimal Science Papers and Reportspor
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