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TitleHeritage portuguese and heritage polish in contact with german: more evidence on the production of objects
Author(s)Rinke, Esther
Flores, Cristina
Sopata, Aldona
KeywordsHeritage speakers
Heritage speakers
Null objects
Null objects
Object realization
Object realization
Clitic pronouns
Clitic pronouns
Issue date2019
PublisherMDPI Publishing
CitationRinke, Esther, Flores, Cristina & Sopata, Aldona (2019). Heritage Portuguese and Heritage Polish in Contact with German. More Evidence on the Production of Objects. Languages, 4(3), 53.
Abstract(s)This paper compares the production of different types of direct objects by Portuguese–German and Polish–German bilingual school-aged children in their heritage languages (HLs), Polish and European Portuguese (EP). Given that the two target languages display identical options of object realization, our main research question is whether the two HLs develop in a similar way in bilingual children. More precisely, we aim at investigating whether bilingual children acquiring Polish and EP are sensitive to accessibility and animacy when realizing a direct object in their HL. The results of a production experiment show that this is indeed the case and that the two groups of bilinguals do not differ from each other, although they may overgeneralize null objects or full noun phrases to some extent. We conclude that the bilingual acquisition of object realization is guided by the relevant properties in the target languages and is not influenced by the contact language, German.
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