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TitleIn vivo biocompatibility and safety asessment of a dextrin-based hydrogel for biomedical applications
Author(s)Pereira, Isabel
Fraga, Sónia
Requicha, João
Guardão, Luísa
Oliveira, Joana
Oliveira, Justina
Alves, Helena
Teixeira, João Paulo
Soares, Raquel
Gama, F. M.
Issue date24-Oct-2018
CitationPereira, Isabel; Fraga, Sónia; Requicha, João; Guardão, Luísa; Oliveira, Joana; Oliveira, Justina; Alves, Helena; Teixeira, João Paulo; Soares, Raquel; Gama, F. M., In vivo biocompatibility and safety asessment of a dextrin-based hydrogel for biomedical applications. ICOETox 2018 - 4th International Congress on Occupational & Environmental Toxicology. Porto, Portugal, Oct 24-26, 128, 2018.
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] Hydrogels are three dimensional, crosslinked networks of hydrophilic polymers swollen with a large amount of water or biological fluids. They can be combined with granules of ceramic-based synthetic bone substitutes (SBSs) aiming to stabilize them into bone defects and to obtain injectable formulations. Our research group has been characterizing a fully resorbable and injectable dextrin-based hydrogel (HG) which was intended to perform as a multifunctional platform, enabling the combination with stem cells and other bioactive agents, during clinical procedures [1-3]. In a subcutaneous assay, the HG was able to incorporate and stabilize ceramic granules (250-500 um) in the implant site, demonstrating its potential as an injectable carrier and stabilizer of SBSs [3]. [...]
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