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TitleMethane production and conductive materials: a critical review
Author(s)Martins, Gilberto
Salvador, Andreia Filipa Ferreira
Pereira, Luciana
Alves, M. M.
Issue date17-Aug-2018
PublisherAmerican Chemical Society
JournalEnvironmental Science and Technology
CitationMartins, Gilberto; Salvador, Andreia F.; Pereira, Luciana; Alves, M. Madalena, Methane production and conductive materials: a critical review. Environmental Science and Technology, 52(18), 10241-10253, 2018
Abstract(s)Conductive materials (CM) have been extensively reported to enhance methane production in anaerobic digestion processes. The occurrence of direct interspecies electron transfer (DIET) in microbial communities, as an alternative or complementary to indirect electron transfer (via hydrogen or formate), is the main explanation given to justify the improvement of methane production. Not disregarding that DIET can be promoted in the presence of certain CM, it surely does not explain all the reported observations. In fact, in methanogenic environments DIET was only unequivocally demonstrated in cocultures of Geobacter metallireducens with Methanosaeta harundinacea or Methanosarcina barkeri and frequently Geobacter sp. are not detected in improved methane production driven systems. Furthermore, conductive carbon nanotubes were shown to accelerate the activity of methanogens growing in pure cultures, where DIET is not expected to occur, and hydrogenotrophic activity is ubiquitous in full-scale anaerobic digesters treating for example brewery wastewaters, indicating that interspecies hydrogen transfer is an important electron transfer mechanism in those systems. This paper presents an overview of the effect of several iron-based and carbon-based CM in bioengineered systems, focusing on the improvement in methane production and in microbial communities changes. Control assays, as fundamental elements to support major conclusions in reported experiments, are critically revised and discussed.
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