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TitleCaixas de Vida
Other titlesDishes of Life
Author(s)Nobre, Alexandra
Artes representativas
Comunicação de Ciência
Figurative art
To recreate
Science Communication
Issue date11-Jul-2018
Abstract(s)The cultivation of microorganisms in nutrient solid media, in Petri dishes, allows the observation of microbial colonies with the naked eye. In fact, although cells of bacteria, yeast and mold have dimensions of the order of micrometers, their multiplication according to a geometric progression of base two gives rise to colonies (circular cell masses) with colors, textures, glows and opacities, contours and elevations of enormous diversity and beauty. That is what Imeant to recreate in “Caixas de Vida” (Dishes of Life) without worrying about being too realistic
TypeContribution to periodical
AccessRestricted access (Author)
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