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TítuloO português na casa do mundo, hoje: portas, janelas e varandas
Autor(es)Barroso, Henrique
Palavras-chaveMother tongue
second language
heritage language
pluricentric language
global language
language of international communication
business language
language of culture
arts and science
CitaçãoBarroso, Henrique (2018). «O português na casa do mundo, hoje: portas, janelas e varandas», in Barroso, Henrique (ed.), O Português na Casa do Mundo, Hoje. V. N. Famalicão: Húmus, 2018, pp. 19-26. [ISBN 978-989–755-348-6]
Resumo(s)Drawing on three metaphors, I will focus my reflection on what I consider to be the distinctive properties or, in other words, the truly relevant dimensions of the Portuguese language in today’s Common House, namely: the Portuguese as a gateway (gateways) for the world, as a window (windows) from which one can see/ know/ identify the world, and finally as a balcony (balconies) that allows one to contemplate/ appreciate the world.
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