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TitleDistributed/virtual manufacturing system cell: an experimental installation
Author(s)Putnik, Goran D.
Sousa, Rui M.
Moreira, Francisco
Spasic, Z.
Babic, B.
Carvalho, Dinis
Issue date1998
CitationINTERNATIONAL SEMINAR INTELLIGENT MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS, 4, Belgrado, Jugoslávia, 1998 - “IMS'98 : International Seminar Intelligent Manufacturing Systems : IMS'98 : proceedings”. [S.l. : s.n., 1998], p. 59-68.
Abstract(s)The main objectives of the “Distributed/Virtual Manufacturing System (D/V MS) Cell” project are: (1) The development of Tele-services technologies and organisation for the production planning and control functions; (2) The development of permanent high performance laboratory facilities that enable development and demonstration of D/V MS design and control, i.e., global distribution of production planning and control functions; (3) The development of an abstract environment, i.e., a virtual environment for design and real time control of manufacturing systems, or one of its elements, independent of the physical implementations. The D/V MS Cell satisfies the defined hierarchical distributed control model The Hardware System of the D/V MS Cell is composed by: (1) Machine tool cell: CNC milling machine, external sensors and actuators, interface computer with communications links, (2) Machine cell: Two machine simulators, PLC, sensors and actuators, computer based local controller, (3) Robot cell: Robot SCORBOT ER-VII, artificial vision system, conveyor system, computer based local controller, (4) Control centre: Video projector, computer based remote controller, computer based real time video and audio system. The Software System of the D/V MS Cell is composed by: (1) Applications for Human-Computer Interface (HMI): Interfaces for machine tool and robot programming and control, interface for production planning and control, (2) Computer-Machine Interface, via RS-232C, (3) Computer-Computer Interface, for communications via Internet. The hardware structure of the (D/V MS) Cell is already implemented and interfaces for machine tool programming and control are developed (software system). The operation of the complete system is planned for the year 1999.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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