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TitleStill painting
Author(s)Palhares, Sandra Susana Pires Silva
Issue dateNov-2017
Abstract(s)Throughout time painting expanded from its specific specialism, incorporating new aspects which raise and encourage different theorization even if the body of work is still predominantly painting. Besides that, painting became a consumerism ́s dream mostly due to art market speculations and to museum ́s blockbusters effects, which promote and advertise incessantly painting auctions and exhibitions. Painting is now more photogenic and telegenic than ever, its images, or better put, its reproductions are available for `Downloads à la carte ́ through its weightless distribution over digital networks, from Piero de La Francesca to Jeff Koons. If artists are makers of artifacts and makers of culture, shouldn ́t they be inquiring the role of painting today under these particular context? What set of questions should we address regarding these vulgarized and mass images production and circulation where painting is somehow `trapped ́? Images production and circulation escape from artists and artisans control as it happened for centuries: painting is now one of among all tools available and reachable for everyone. Does painting `need ́ to outstand from these vulgarized and mass images production and circulation? Or those circumstances, somehow, help to stop its insistently announced death foretold? Is painting still enhancing contemporary ́s image zeitgeist like mostly did throughout mankind history? Despite a certain anachronism, painting still mode or motionless image is also what able us to see and perceive differently the sameness. These set of questions seeks to enquire painting ́s role nowadays.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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