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TitleNumerical model for hydrodynamics simulations of Trabalhador channel
Author(s)Venâncio, Stênio de Sousa
Villela, Swami Marcondes
Pinho, José L. S.
Vieira, J.M.P.
KeywordsHydrodynamics simulations
Numerical model
Trabalhador channel
Issue date2017
PublisherEmerald Group Publishing Ltd
JournalManagement of Environmental Quality: An Internacional Journal
Abstract(s)Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to construct a numerical model for the numerical analysis of the hydraulic transient profile in Trabalhador channel for filling and emptying maneuvers and to determine the water level in time. Model results support operational managers in the decision-making process. Design/methodology/approach: Physical data were provided for the construction and calibration of the numerical model. The equations of Saint-Venant were approximated by a finite difference scheme and the numerical model was written in Fortran. The results of filling and emptying of the channel simulations were compared with the measured water levels. Findings: Measured water levels and those simulated by the numerical model have shown good correlation. The time recorded for the filling and emptying of the canal was also close between the measured and simulated data. The simulation design flow pointed to inundation in the channel banks. Simulation water levels were slightly higher than those measured. Research limitations/implications: In this model, the combination of canals and pressure conduits was not considered. Practical implications: The findings confirm the measured time for filling and emptying of the canal, as well as inundation of canal banks for the maximum design flow. These results help in the management process. Originality/value: This paper presents a numerical model for hydraulic transient analysis in channels with good agreement with the field data.
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