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TitlePerceptions and personal experiences of unwanted attention among Portuguese male students
Author(s)Pereira, Filipa
Matos, Marlene
Sheridan, Lorraine
Scott, Adrian J.
College students
Personal experiences
Unwanted attention
Issue date2015
JournalPsychology Crime & Law
Abstract(s)The present study investigated male perceptions and personal experiences of 'unwanted attention' (UA), as well as possible associations between perceptions and personal experiences of UA. Ninety-one male college students, from five Portuguese universities, were asked to indicate which of a continuum of 47 behaviours represented UA. Although UA, stalking and harassment are rarely addressed in Portugal, male college students shared a clear understanding of what behaviours constituted UA, with the identification of four main categories of UA behaviours: 'aggressive', 'threatening', 'classic' and 'dysfunctional attachment'. Almost all participants (96%) reported personal experiences of at least one UA behaviour. There was a minimal relationship between perceptions and personal experiences of the individual behaviours. The findings highlight the widespread risk of male victimisation and the need to legitimise male complaints.
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