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TitleMe4DCAP V0.1: A method for the development of Dublin Core Application Profiles
Author(s)Malta, Mariana Curado
Baptista, Ana Alice
KeywordsMetadata Application Profiles
Semantic Web
Linked Open Data
Dublin Core Application Profile
Development of DCAP
Design Science Research
Issue date2013
PublisherIOS Press
JournalInformation Services & Use
Abstract(s)Recent studies show that there is no method to develop a Dublin Core Application Profile (DCAP). A DCAP is a very important construct to implement interoperability, therefore it is essential to have a method to be able to develop such a construct, in order to give DCAP developers a common ground of work. This paper presents the first version of a method to develop Dublin Core Application Profiles (Me4DACP V0.1) that has been developed in a PhD project with a Design Science Research (DSR) approach. Me4DCAP was built having as starting point the Singapore Framework for DCAP and shows the way through the DCAP development. It encompasses a group of pre-defined interconnected activities, explicitly states when they should take place, what techniques could be used to execute them and what artifacts should result from their execution.
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