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TitleAmorphous oxygen-rich molybdenum oxysulfide Decorated p-type silicon microwire Arrays for efficient photoelectrochemical water reduction
Author(s)Xiao-Qing Bao
Petrovykh, D. Y.
Alpuim, P.
Stroppa, Daniel G.
Guldris, Noelia
Fonseca, Helder
Costa, Margaret
Gaspar, Joao
Chuanhong Jin
Lifeng Liu
KeywordsSilicon microwire
Water reduction
Molybdenum oxysulfide
Hydrogen evolution reaction
Silicon nanostructure
Photoelectrochemical water splitting
Issue date30-Jun-2015
JournalNano Energy
CitationNano Energy (2015) 16, 130–142
Abstract(s)We report the fabrication of p-type silicon (Si) photocathodes consisting of well-ordered Si microwire (Si-MW) arrays coupled with non-precious and earth-abundant amorphous oxygen-rich molybdenum oxysulfide (MoOxSy) as both a hydrogen evolution catalyst and a passivation layer. The MoOxSyis conformally grown on the Si-MW surface through photo-assisted cyclic voltammetric (CV) deposition. By adjusting the cycle numbers of the CV deposition, Si-MW array electrodes with different MoOxSy catalyst loadings (Si-MWs@MoOxSy) have been obtained and comprehensively characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), X- ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), and Raman and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopies. The photoelectrochemical performance of the Si-MWs@MoOxSycathodes toward water reduction is investigated and compared with that of platinum nanoparticle decorated Si-MW array electrodes (Si-MWs@PtNPs). An optimized Si-MWs@MoOxSyphotocathode is found to exhibit activity compar- able to that of the Si-MWs@PtNPs one, with a much better stability in acidic medium. In neutral electrolyte, Si-MWs@MoOxSyoutperforms Si-MWs@PtNPs in terms of both activity and stability. Given the low materials cost, easy and well-established electrode fabrication procedure, and high demonstrated photoelectrochemical performance, the Si-MWs@MoOxSyarrays reported here hold substantial promise for use as low-cost and efficient photocathodes for water reduction.
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