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TitleArlekin: a collaborative action-research-training project without frontiers
Author(s)Silva, Ana Maria Costa e
Carvalho, Maria de Lurdes Dias de
Moisan, André
Fortecöef, Clarisse
KeywordsSocial Mediation
Issue dateMar-2017
PublisherAssociated Asia Research Foundation (AARF)
JournalInternational Research Journal of Human Resources and Social Sciences
Abstract(s)This article presents the characteristics and methodology related to the implementation of a European project centered on the training of social mediators through European mobility and collaborative action-research. The ArleKin - Training in Mediation for Social Inclusion through European Mobility Project was financed by the European Union (ref: 539947-LLP-1-2013-1-FR- GRUNDTVIG-GMP) and focused on the following objectives: i) to give visibility to social mediation, as a means of innovative and pertinent social intervention for responding to new challenges of social cohesion in contemporary societies; ii) to develop the professionalization of social mediators in a concerted way at the European level; and iii) to experiment in-service training course in mediation through European mobility that was inspired by the tradition of the Companions of the Tour of France. The realization of the objectives of the project were attained through collaborative work among the various European partners and in the setting up of a community of practice and research composed of academics, researchers, professionals and politicians with the view of consolidating the professionalization and visibility of social mediators at a European level.
AccessOpen access
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