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TítuloFeedback and feedforward dynamics: Nexus of organizational learning and leadership self-efficacy
Autor(es)Martins, Ana
Martins, Isabel
Pereira, Orlando P.
Editor(es)Wang, Victor C. X.
EditoraIGI Global
Resumo(s)Learning processes are encouraged and easily accessible when all members in the organization embrace a culture of innovation. This collaborative learning environment urges the organization to improve mental models in order to reach even higher desired learning levels. New competencies are called for in order to create and improve organizational cognitive thinking models that in turn specifically enable HEIs and organizations at large to develop their collective, interactive and participative learning capability. The aim of this chapter is to ascertain whether universities, with traditional and bureaucratic organization structures, processes and procedures, can and are willing to undergo a paradigm shift in order to become ambidextrous organizations.
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