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TitleSewing-room problems and solutions
Author(s)Carvalho, Helder
Carvalho, Miguel
Silva, Luís F.
Ferreira, Fernando
Garment manufacturing
Seam problems
Automatic sewing monitoring
Automatic sewing monitoring and control
Seam pucker
Skipped stitches
Stitch balance
Stitch distortion
Stitch length
Issue dateMay-2015
PublisherWoodhead Publishing Limited
Abstract(s)This chapter summarizes some of the most common sewing defects occurring in industrial sewing and analyses their causes and solutions. These defects are often minor faults mainly related to the aesthetical aspect of the seams, but in some cases they may result in the failure of the seams. Finally, research on techniques and technology for sewability testing and automatic detection and prevention of these problems is presented and analysed.
TypeBook part
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