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TítuloMeasuring a technology’s potential for innovative In-Vehicle Information Systems: an MCDM approach using a large set of alternatives
Autor(es)Lisboa, Maria Isabel Almeida Costa Pinto
Vieira, Joana
Mouta, Sandra
Machado, Sara
Ribeiro, Nuno
Silva, Estevão
Ribeiro, Rita A.
Pereira, Alfredo F.
Palavras-chaveMulti-criteria decision making
In-Vehicle Information Systems
Human factors
EditoraFaculty of Organizational Sciences
Resumo(s)Driving a car is a complex skill that includes the primary task of driving but also secondary tasks related with interacting with multiple systems in the car (e.g. infotainment). Current automobile industry trends, point towards maximizing the benefits of using more secondary task functions inside the car without affecting the primary task of the driver. Technologies for novel IVIS (In-Vehicle Information Systems) must satisfy different criteria since they should be innovative and pleasurable to use but also secure, feasible to implement and, at the same time, improve secondary task performance. We report here a multi-criteria decision making approach for rank ordering a large set of existing human-machine interaction technologies. The decision problem was assessing their potential for innovative IVIS products. Alternatives were either available as commercial products or were still in their conceptual and prototype form, and included more than a hundred technologies; the list was diverse with nine different categories. We were interested in the properties of the best alternatives and examined the criteria tradeoffs in the top quartile.
DescriçãoPublicado em: "Proceedings of the 1st EWG-DSS International Conference on Decision Support System Technology on Big Data Analytics for Decision Making, Belgrade, Serbia, May 27th - 29th, 2015 (ICDSST 2015)". ISBN 978-86-7680-313-2.
Arbitragem científicayes
Aparece nas coleções:CIPsi - Comunicações

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