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TítuloScaling usage statistics across repositories as an OpenAIRE analytics service
Autor(es)Pierrakos, Dimitris
Schirrwagen, Jochen
Príncipe, Pedro
Saraiva, Ricardo
Palavras-chaveOpen Access
usage analytics
Resumo(s)Usage metrics about scholarly output, such as publications and research data, are one of the measures to assess Open Access impact. The OpenAire 2020 [1] project aims to offer a service that monitors and analyzes usage information, as well as exploits usage metrics like views and downloads, which could be used as complements of bibliometrics and webometrics. In this paper, we present the first step towards the implementation of this service, manifested as a pilot run in a set of repositories, together with some initial results which illustrate the use of the applied methodology.
DescriçãoPaper presented in "11th International Conference on Open Repositories" (OR 2016), Dublin, Irland, 13 - 16th june 2016.
Arbitragem científicayes
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