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TitleEco-efficient self-compacting concrete with reduced Portland cement content and high volume of fly ash and metakaolin
Author(s)Anjos, Marcos A. S.
Camões, Aires
Jesus, Carlos M. G.
KeywordsEco-efficient concrete
High-volume fly ash and metakaolin
Issue date2015
PublisherTrans Tech Publications
JournalKey Engineering Materials
CitationAnjos M. A. S., Camões A., Jesus C. M. G. Eco-efficient Self-compacting Concrete with Reduced Portland Cement Content and High Volume of Fly Ash and Metakaolin, Key Engineering Materials, Vol. Volume 634, pp. 172-181, doi:10.4028/, 2014
Abstract(s)The eco-efficient, self-compacting concrete (SCC) production, containing low levels of cement in its formulation, shall contribute for the constructions' sustainability due to the decrease in Portland cement use, to the use of industrial residue, for beyond the minimization of the energy needed for its placement and compaction. In this context, the present paper intends to assess the viability of SCC production with low cement levels by determining the fresh and hardened properties of concrete containing high levels of fly ash (FA) and also metakaolin (MK). Hence, 6 different concrete formulations were produced and tested: two reference concretes made with 300 and 500 kg/m3 of cement; the others were produced in order to evaluate the effects of high replacement levels of cement. Cement replacement by FA of 60% and by 50% of FA plus 20% of MK were tested and the addition of hydrated lime in these two types of concrete were also studied. To evaluate the self-compacting ability slump flow test, T500, J-ring, V-funnel and L-box were performed. In the hardened state the compressive strength at 3, 7, 14, 21, 28 and 90 days of age was determined. The results showed that it is possible to produce low cement content SCC by replacing high levels of cement by mineral additions, meeting the rheological requirements for self-compacting, with moderate resistances from 25 to 30 MPa after 28 days.
TypeConference paper
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