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TitleHEP-Frame: A software engineered framework to aid the development and efficient multicore execution of scientific code
Author(s)Pereira, André Martins
Onofre, A.
Proença, Alberto José
KeywordsHigh Throughput Computing
Coding Environment
Execution Efficiency
Issue date2016
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Abstract(s)This communication presents an evolutionary soft- ware prototype of a user-centered Highly Efficient Pipelined Framework, HEP-Frame, to aid the development of sustainable parallel scientific code with a flexible pipeline structure. HEP- Frame is the result of a tight collaboration between computational scientists and software engineers: it aims to improve scientists coding productivity, ensuring an efficient parallel execution on a wide set of multicore systems, with both HPC and HTC techniques. Current prototype complies with the requirements of an actual scientific code, includes desirable sustainability features and supports at compile time additional plugin interfaces for other scientific fields. The porting and development productivity was assessed and preliminary efficiency results are promising.
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