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TítuloPaths to success: leveraging culture, leadership, and learning strategies
Autor(es)Martins, Ana
Martins, Isabel
Lopes, Albino
Pereira, Orlando P.
Editor(es)Erbe, Nancy D.
Normore, Anthony H.
Palavras-chaveLeveraging culture
EditoraIGI Global
Resumo(s)The purpose of this chapter is to highlight the importance of cross cultural collaboration and leadership contextualized in a knowledge management paradigm with innovation and intangibles as cornerstones of competitive advantage. It is our intent to shed light on the importance of new knowledge arising from the paradigm shift of organizational values wherein intangibles lie. An innovative culture based on learning steers organizations on human potential with a new mindset to develop core competencies. This chapter demonstrates how core values of commitment, tolerance, involvement and willingness to take risk foster organizational sustainability in the new age paradigm. Complex, dynamic and turbulent organizational environments lead to second order learning, as opposed to first order learning. Organizational memory is reinforced in an environment of collaborative effort and committed knowledge workers. The quality of learning depends on leadership fostering teamwork and harnessing a common vision and organizational principles that nurture and encourage trust.
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