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TitleZircon crystal morphology and internal structures as a tool for constraining magma sources : examples from northern Portugal Variscan biotite-rich granite plutons
Author(s)Martins, Helena C. Brites
Simões, P. P.
Abreu, Joana
Issue dateOct-2014
JournalComptes Rendus Géoscience
CitationMartins H.C.B., Simões P.P., Abreu J. (2014). Zircon crystal morphology and internal structures as a tool for constraining magma sources: examples from northern Portugal Variscan biotite-rich granite plutons. CR Geoscience, Vol 346, Issues 9-10, 233–243pp
Abstract(s)In northern Portugal, large volumes of granitoids were emplaced during the last stage (D3) of the Variscan orogeny and display a wide range of petrological signatures. We studied the morphologies and internal structures of zircons from syn-, late- and post-D3 granitoids. The sin-D3 granitoids include the Ucanha–Vilar, Lamego, Felgueiras, Sameiro, and Refoios do Lima plutons, the late- and post-D3 granitoids are represented by the Vieira do Minho and the Vila Pouca de Aguiar plutons, respectively. Typological investigations after Pupin (1980) along with scanning electron microprobe imaging reveal that the external morphology of zircon changes consistently with a decrease in the crystallization temperature. Zircon populations from the Refoios do Lima and the Vieira do Minho granites show gradual changes in the internal morphologies and their typologic evolution trends are consistent with their mainly crustal origin. The Sameiro, Felgueiras, Lamego and Ucanha-Vilar granites have more complex internal and external morphology and typological evolution trends that cross the domain of the calc-alkaline to the aluminous granites compatible with a mixing process. Finally, the morphological types of the Vila Pouca de Aguiar granites are found both in calc-alkaline and sub-alkaline granites and their typological evolutionary trends follow the calc-alkaline/sub-alkaline trend, suggesting crustal sources with some mantle contribution.
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