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TitleEffect of cylindrical filler aggregation on the electrical conductivity of composites
Author(s)Silva, Jaime
Lanceros-Méndez, S.
Simoes, R.
Polymer matrix composites
Electrical properties
Issue dateAug-2014
JournalPhysics Letters A
CitationSilva, J., Lanceros-Mendez, S., & Simoes, R. (2014). Effect of cylindrical filler aggregation on the electrical conductivity of composites. Physics Letters A, 378(40), 2985-2988.
Abstract(s)This work reports on the effect of carbon nanotube aggregation on the electrical conductivity and other network properties of polymer/carbon nanotube composites by modeling the carbon nanotubes as hard-core cylinders. It is shown that the conductivity decreases for increasing filler aggregation, and that this effect is more significant for higher cylinder volume fractions. It is also demonstrated, for volume fractions at which the giant component is present, that increasing the fraction of cylinders within clusters leads to a break of the giant component and the formation of a set of finite clusters. The decrease of the giant component with the increase of the fraction of cylinders within the cluster can be related to a decrease of the spanning probability due to a decrease of the number of cylinders between the clusters. Finally, it is demonstrated that the effect of aggregation can be understood by employing the network theory.
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