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TítuloFuture challenges in intelligent tutoring systems: a framework
Autor(es)Rodrigues, Manuel
Novais, Paulo
Santos, Manuel Filipe
Palavras-chaveIntelligent tutoring systems
EditoraFormatex Research Center
CitaçãoMÉNDEZ-VILLAS, A. [et al.] ed. lit. - "Recent research developments in learning technologies : proceedings of the International Conference on Multimedia and Information & Communication Technologies in Education, 3, [Cáceres], 2005" Badajoz : Formatex, 2005. p. 929-934.
Resumo(s)Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) provide the benefits of one-on-one instruction in an automatic way and cost effectively, keeping in mind their multidisciplinary nature. The challenge remains on transporting to com-puters the expertise, skills and mode of action of the human tutor, overcoming space, time, socio-economical and environmental restrictions. ITS appear as a form of deployment of this issue and have been object of an increasing research. This paper aims to establish some characteristics, properties and functions that an ITS should provide, and the possible contributions that the different fields of research can make, proposing a multi-domain and multidisciplinary framework to address the research in this field. The framework incorpo-rates a knowledge base where data and knowledge related to the problem are maintained and a model base re-lated to student, teaching and environmental issues together with pedagogical perspectives.
Arbitragem científicayes
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