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TitleComparison between different experimental techniques for stiffness monitoring of cement pastes
Author(s)Granja, José Luís Duarte
Azenha, Miguel
Sousa, Christoph Fernandes
Ferreira, Cristiana
Issue date2014
PublisherJapanese Concrete Institute
JournalJournal of Advanced Concrete Technology
Abstract(s)In 2009, a new methodology for the continuous monitoring of E-modulus of cement-based materials since casting was proposed, under the designation EMM-ARM (E-modulus Measurement through Ambient Response Method). This methodology is a variant to classic resonant frequency methods that allows continuous stiffness monitoring from the instant of casting. After the encouraging results obtained in the first applications of EMM-ARM to cement pastes, the present paper gives continuity to previous developments, through validations with additional experimental methodologies and extension to thermal activation testing. At first, a comparison is performed between the results of EMM-ARM and those obtained through: pulse velocity methods (both ultrasonic contact probes and bender-extender elements), penetration resistance (Vicat needle) and cyclic compression on cylindrical specimens. Afterwards, the possibility of studying the activation energy of the stiffness evolution on tests conducted at 20°C and 40°C is explored.
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