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TitleReview on composite cation exchanger as interdicipilinary materials in analytical chemistry
Author(s)Khan, A.
Asiri, A. M.
Rub, M. A.
Azum, N.
Khan, A. A. P.
Khan, I.
Mondal, P. K.
KeywordsHybrid cation-exchanger
Electrical properties
Hzardous recycling
A: Hybrid cation-exchanger
B: electrical properties
C: Hzardous recycling
D: Nanocomposite
Issue date2012
PublisherElectrochemical Science Group, University of Belgrade
JournalInternational Journal of Electrochemical Science
Abstract(s)Green chemistry and technology is the design of chemical manufacturing systems to minimize their adverse affects on the environment. Thus, a primary goal of green chemistry and technology is to reduce the environmental impact of chemical processes and chemical manufacturing while simultaneously enhancing the overall process performance. Although it is beneficial to simply reduce the use of organic solvents in chemical processes, green chemistry and technology goes further, in that it evaluates the entire thing to identify techniques that can be applied to minimize the overall process hazard, while maintaining economic practicality. Evaluation of the environmental impacts of the manufacturing process requires a systematic approach and appropriate metrics that permit quantitative assessment of environmental hazards. Thus, this review begins with a introduction of cation-exchange materials the drivers for green technology and the metrics through which processes can be started. Then, the cation-exchange materials have so many applications described in this review and their many derivative and we describes inorganic to nanocomposite cation exchange materials and their technological improvement from old era to latest age of nano because green chemistry can be applied to real processes. Two elements are specifically highlighted: (a) the use of new materials to facilitate active and selective chemistry and the use of said materials within removal of environment hazardous.
AccessOpen access
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