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TitleTraffic noise abatement: how different pavements, vehicle speeds and traffic densities affect annoyance levels
Author(s)Freitas, Elisabete F.
Mendonça, Catarina
Santos, Jorge A.
Murteira, Carla
Ferreira, João Amaro Oliveira
KeywordsTraffic noise annoyance
Dense asphalt pavements
Open asphalt rubber pavements
Cobblestones pavements
Traffic noise annoyance
Issue date2012
JournalTansportation Research Part D
Abstract(s)In this paper, annoyance ratings from traffic noise recorded on cobblestones, dense asphalt, and open asphalt rubber pavements are assessed with regard to car speeds and traffic den- sities. It was found that cobblestones pavements are the most annoying; also while open asphalt rubber pavement imposes less annoyance than dense asphalt it is not significantly different. Higher car speeds always lead to greater annoyance, as does higher traffic densi- ties. LAeq and LAmax correlate well with annoyance, but loudness is the best predictor. Roughness and sharpness exhibit inconsistent interactions.
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