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TitleDevelopment of a new pultrusion equipment to manufacture thermoplastic matrix composite profiles
Author(s)Novo, Paulo
Silva, J. F.
Nunes, J. P.
Hattum, F. W. J. van
Marques, A. T.
Fibreglass composites
Thermoplastic matrix composites
Thermoplastic matrix
Issue date24-Jun-2012
PublisherEuropean Society for Composite Materials
Abstract(s)This paper describes the design and manufacture of a low-cost full scale pultrusion prototype equipment and discusses the production and obtained mechanical properties of polypropylene/glass (GF/PP)reinforced composite bars fabricated by using the prototype equipment. Three different GF/PP pre-impregnated raw-materials, a commercial GF/PP comingled system from Vetrotex, a GF/PP powder coated towpreg [1-3] and, a GF/PP preconsolidated tape (PCT) produced in our laboratories, were used in the production of composite bars that were subsequently submitted to mechanical testing in order to determine the relevant mechanical properties and quantify the consolidation quality. Samples of the different composite profiles were also observed under SEM microscopy
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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