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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
20-Aug-2015Hydrogenotrophic activity under increased H₂/CO₂ pressure: effect on methane production and microbial communityLopes, Marlene; Alves, J. I.; Pereira, A.; Belo, Isabel; Sousa, D. Z.; Alves, M. M.AbstractOpen access
2009Determination of kinetic and stoichiometric parameters of pseudomonas putida F1 by chemostat and In situ pulse respirometryOliveira, Catarina S.; Ordaz, Alberto; Alba, Joel; Alves, M. M.; Ferreira, E. C.; Thalasso, FrédéricArticleOpen access
Oct-2016Response surface design to study the influence of inoculum, particle size and inoculum to substrate ratio on the methane production from Ulex sp.Costa, J. C.; Oliveira, J. V.; Alves, M. M.ArticleOpen access
Jul-2017Effect of ferulic acid on the performance of soy protein isolate-based edible coatings applied to fresh-cut applesAlves, Maria M.; Gonçalves, M. P.; Rocha, Cristina M. R.ArticleOpen access
Oct-2009Quantitative monitoring of an activated sludge reactor using on-line UV-visible and near infrared spectroscopySarraguça, M. C.; Paulo, A.; Alves, M. M.; Dias, A. M. A.; Lopes, J. A.; Ferreira, E. C.ArticleOpen access
2008Activated sludge process monitoring through in situ near-infrared spectral analysisDias, A. M. A.; Moita, I.; Páscoa, R.; Alves, M. M.; Lopes, J. A.; Ferreira, E. C.ArticleOpen access
2006Knowledge-based fuzzy system for diagnosis and control of an integrated biological wastewater treatment processPires, O. C.; Palma, C.; Costa, J. C.; Moita, I.; Alves, M. M.; Ferreira, E. C.ArticleOpen access
May-2008Kinetic and stoichiometric parameters estimation in a nitrifying bubble column through ‘‘in-situ’’ pulse respirometryOrdaz, Alberto; Oliveira, Catarina S.; Aguilar, Ricardo; Carrión, Manuel; Ferreira, E. C.; Alves, M. M.; Thalasso, FrédéricArticleOpen access
2000Staged and non-staged anaerobic filters: performance in relation to physical and biological characteristics of microbial aggregatesAlves, M. M.; Ferreira, E. C.; Amaral, A. L.; Pereira, M. A.; Novais, J. M.; Mota, M.ArticleOpen access
Feb-2009Advanced monitoring of high-rate anaerobic reactors through quantitative image analysis of granular sludge and multivariate statistical analysisCosta, J. C.; Moita, I.; Abreu, A. A.; Ferreira, E. C.; Alves, M. M.ArticleOpen access