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Aug-2015Correction to: The first Paenibacillus larvae bacteriophage endolysin (PlyPl23) with high potential to control American foulbroodOliveira, A.; Leite, Marta; Kluskens, Leon; Santos, Sílvio Roberto Branco; Melo, Luís D. R.; Azeredo, JoanaCorrigendumOpen access
2012Determination of 2,4,6-trichloroanisole by cyclic voltammetryFreitas, P.; Dias, Luís G.; Peres, A. M.; Castro, L. M.; Veloso, Ana C. A.Conference paperOpen access
2012Fed-batch versus batch cultures of Yarrowia lipolytica for γ-decalactone production from methyl ricinoleateGomes, Nelma; Teixeira, J. A.; Belo, IsabelArticleOpen access
2011The phage therapy paradigm: prêt-à-porter or sur-mesure?Pirnay, Jean-Paul; De Vos, Daniel; Verbeken, Gilbert; Merabishvili, Maia; Chanishvili, Nina; Vaneechoutte, Mario; Zizi, Martin; Laire, Geert; Lavigne, Rob; Huys, Isabelle; Van den Mooter, Guy; Buckling, Angus; Debarbieux, Laurent; Pouillot, Flavie; Azeredo, Joana; Kutter, Elisabeth; Dublanchet, Alain; Górski, Andrzej; Adamia, RevazJournal editorialOpen access
2013Laccase recovery with aqueous two-phase systems : enzyme partitioning and stabilitySilvério, Sara C.; Rodríguez, Oscar; Tavares, Ana P. M.; Teixeira, J. A.; Macedo, EugéniaArticleOpen access
2013Pre-hydrolysis with carbohydrases facilitates the release of protein from brewer’s spent grainNiemi, Piritta; Martins, Duarte; Buchert, Johanna; Faulds, Craig B.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2012Polysaccharide/protein nanomultilayer coatings: construction, characterization and evaluation of their effect on 'Rocha' pear (Pyrus communis L.) shelf-lifeMedeiros, Bartolomeu G. de S.; Pinheiro, Ana C.; Teixeira, J. A.; Vicente, A. A.; Carneiro-da-Cunha, Maria G.ArticleOpen access
2011Effect of antimicrobial residues on early adhesion and biofilm formation by wild-type and benzalkonium chloride-adapted Pseudomonas aeruginosaMachado, Idalina; Graça, Joana; Sousa, Ana Margarida; Lopes, Susana Patrícia; Pereira, Maria OlíviaArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2-Feb-2011Meniscus dynamics in bubble formation : a parametric studyStanovsky, Petr; Ruzicka, M. C.; Martins, A.; Teixeira, J. A.ArticleOpen access
2011SYBR green as a fluorescent probe to evaluate the biofilm physiological state of Staphylococcus epidermidis, using flow cytometryCerca, Filipe; Trigo, Gabriela; Correia, Alexandra; Cerca, Nuno; Azeredo, Joana; Vilanova, ManuelArticleRestricted access (UMinho)