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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2019Far-infrared Tamm polaritons in a microcavity with incorporated graphene sheetSilva, J. M. S. S.; Vasilevskiy, MikhailArticleOpen access
2018Probing nonlocal effects in metals with graphene plasmonsDias, Eduardo J. C.; Iranzo, David Alcaraz; Gonçalves, P. A. D.; Hajati, Yaser; Bludov, Yuliy V.; Jauho, Antti-Pekka; Mortensen, N. Asger; Koppens, Frank H. L.; Peres, N. M. R.ArticleOpen access
2018Wafer scale fabrication of graphene microelectrode arrays for the detection of DNA hybridizationCampos, R.; Machado Jr., G.; Cerqueira, M. F.; Borme, J.; Alpuim, P.ArticleOpen access
15-Aug-2016Numerical calculation of the Casimir-Polder interaction between a graphene sheet with vacancies and an atomCysne, T. P.; Rappoport, T. G.; Ferreira, Aires; Lopes, J. V.; Peres, N. M. R.ArticleOpen access
25-Jul-2016Modeling the excitation of graphene plasmons in periodic grids of graphene ribbons: an analytical approachGonçalves, Paulo André Dias; Dias, E. J. C.; Bludov, Yuliy V.; Peres, N. M. R.ArticleOpen access
3-Apr-2015Electronic transport across linear defects in graphenePáez, C. J.; Rodrigues, J. N. B.; Pereira, A. L. C.; Peres, N. M. R.ArticleOpen access
24-Sep-2015Anderson localization of light in disordered superlattices containing graphene layersChaves, A. J.; Peres, N. M. R.; Pinheiro, Felipe A.ArticleOpen access
2017Universal description of channel plasmons in two-dimensional materialsGonçalves, Paulo André Dias; Bozhevolnyi, Sergey I.; Mortensen, N. Asger; Peres, N. M. R.ArticleOpen access
Apr-2015Cloaking resonant scatterers and tuning electron flow in grapheneOliver, Diego; Garcia, Jose H.; Rappoport, Tatiana G.; Peres, N. M. R.; Pinheiro, Felipe A.ArticleOpen access
2015Quantum field theory approach to the optical conductivity of strained and deformed graphenePaula, W. de; Chaves, A.; Oliveira, O.; Frederico, T.ArticleOpen access