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TitleAdhesion between repair mortars and concrete
Author(s)Aguiar, J. L. Barroso de
Issue date1995
Abstract(s)The repair of concrete may be carried out with repair mortars. On this repairs we could profit of the ameliorated properties of repair mortars that we could find in the furnishers of that kind of products. We have studied the adhesion of that repair mortars to the concrete. The repair mortar study is composed of acrylic resins, hydraulic liaints and polypropilene fibres. First we have studied the need of adhesion coat. In spite of the technical report deliver with the product, says that adhesion coat is not necessary, our tests show that this coat is well necessary. We have made pull-off tests. We have made also aging tests of specimens concrete/epoxy glue/repair mortar. The specimens haved passed the cycles of ice-thaw, thermic shock and cycles variations of temperature. After this tests we have made the pull-off tests. This tests show that adhesion and repair mortar is not affect by the aging simulate. The ruptures occur always on the concrete with less resistance than standards specimens. For conclusion we can say that this kind of repair mortars needs an adhesion coat in epoxy in preference. The aging of that mortars is less important than that of concrete.
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