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TitleNumerical methods for the calculation of the factor of safety for loaded non homogeneous earth masses 2D and 3D
Author(s)Machado, Gaspar J.
Costa, Diana
Silva, João
Ribeiro, Hélder
Martins, Júlio Barreiros
KeywordsNumerical methods
Factor of safety
Earth masses
Issue date2011
PublisherAssociação Portuguesa de Mecânica Teórica, Aplicada e Computacional (APMTAC)
Abstract(s)The evaluation of the safety at rupture of loaded earth masses foreseen in Eurocode7, is already at work in all European countries. It is done taking into account the Ultimate Limit State of (EQU). Therefore, in any Geotechnical Design, a safety factor of reduction γM=FS must be applied to the strength characteristics (cohesion and tangent of the friction angle of the soils), and an increase factor γF to the loads, for grant of the stability of a loaded earth masse (soils and/or rocks). A large number of discussions is going on in relation to the best method for the calculation of FS. Most of the existing methods for the calculation of FS refer to the stability of slopes and earth retaining structures. Very few or none refer to tunnels excavation which may have buildings on the surface and to wells and caverns. The work to be presented discusses these subjects and refers PC programs put forward by the senior author, which are being most improved in order to solve the involved problems in the Civil Engineering Practice. Nowadays the calculation of FS for heterogeneous loaded earth masses is fundamental. However, it is not easy to obtain suitable FS. This can be calculated by Elastic-Plastic numerical methods (FEM, FDM, BEM, and other methods). In general, these methods do not give a mechanism of collapse. Also, convergence is not assured. In the presented Rigid Blocks Method, the collapse mechanism is, a priori, explicit. Comparisons between the FS’s calculated with the new author’s methods and those of technical international literature, are done.
TypeConference paper
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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