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dc.contributor.authorSimões, Alberto-
dc.description.abstractThese are the proceedings for the ninth national conference on XML, its Associated Technologies and its Applications (XATA’2011). It is the first time that XATA is organized in two consecutive years at the same place with the same organizers. Last year we tried to change the tendency of previous years, where interest in the conference has decline, and we were able to duplicate the number of papers presented in the previous edition (2009, when XATA was held together with Info ́rum). Unfortunately the interest in the conference declined again. For the first time the organizers issued a third call for papers, and only twelve proposals were received. From these, 10 were accepted as full papers for presentation. Nevertheless, this XATA edition added some attractive news that were expected to foster the interest in the conference: the best papers’ authors will be invited to submit extended versions of their papers to a book publication by IGI Global. Also, it is the first edition that has the two main companies developing tools for XML as sponsors. As a participation incentive, this XATA edition includes two keynotes, on different subjects: XML as the communication mean for Cloud Computing, and HTML5, the new standard for the web. It will also include a Pecha Kucha session, where authors will be challenged to present talks of 20 slides, each taking 20 seconds. Finally, we would like to thank all authors for their work and interest in the con- ference, and to the scientic committee members for their review work.por
dc.titleXATA 2011 : XML, associated technologies and applicationspor
degois.publication.locationVila do Conde, Portugalpor
degois.publication.titleXATA 2011 : XML, associated technologies and applications (9th National Conference)por
sdum.conferencePublicationXATA 2011 : XML, associated technologies and applications (9th National Conference)por
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