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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
13-Nov-2003Perfil profissional e projecto de formação: a construção de um currículo formativo integradoSilva, Carlos Manuel Ribeiro da; Alonso, Maria Luísa GarciaPosterOpen access
13-Nov-2003Investigação, colaboração, reflexão: constructos centrais num projecto de formação de professoresSilva, Carlos Manuel Ribeiro da; Maia, Isabel Margarida Oliveira Guimarães; Alonso, Maria Luísa Garcia; Candeias, IsabelPosterOpen access
2-Jun-2008Promotion de la santé et citoyenneté: conceptions et pratiques des enseignants: etude interculturelleCarvalho, Graça Simões de; Berger, DominiqueAbstractOpen access
2008Portuguese primary school teachers' conceptions and obstacles to sex education in classroomAnastácio, Zélia; Carvalho, Graça Simões de; Clément, PierreConference paperOpen access
16-Sep-2008Addictive substances problematic approaches in textbooks of 16 countriesCarvalho, Graça Simões de; Gonçalves, Artur; Dantas, CatarinaConference paperOpen access
9-Sep-2008Health promotion and health education conceptions of future nurses and other university students: influence of the initial trainingCarvalho, Graça Simões de; Carvalho, AmâncioConference paperOpen access
16-Sep-2008Analysis of pollution and the use of resources topics along the school textbooks of 17 countriesFerreira, Cláudia; Tracana, Rosa Branca; Ferreira, Maria Eduarda; Carvalho, Graça Simões deConference paperOpen access
16-Sep-2008Biodiversity in school textbooks of 13 countriesTracana, Rosa Branca; Ferreira, Maria Eduarda; Ferreira, Cláudia; Carvalho, Graça Simões deConference paperOpen access
21-Aug-2007Constructing and validating a questionnaire for an international comparative analysis of teachers' conceptions of biology, health and environment: the european project of research Biohead-CitizenClément, Pierre; Laurent, Charline; Carvalho, Graça Simões deAbstractOpen access
9-Sep-2008Teacher training in the field of health promotion: a proposal for International collaboration and preparation of a symposium for the 20th IUHPE World ConferenceJourdan, Didier; Simovska, V.; Valiama, R.; Pakkarár, L.; Simar, C.; Mannix-McNamara, P.; Samdal, O.; Viig, N.G.; Carvalho, Graça Simões de; Diagne, F.; Guével, M-R.; Buijs, G.; Young, I.AbstractOpen access