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TitleRanking procedure for polymeric coatings and hydrophobic agents for concrete protection
Author(s)Aguiar, J. L. Barroso de
Moreira, Pedro M.
Lukowski, Pawel
Czarnecki, Lech
Camões, Aires
Gemert, D. van
KeywordsRanking procedure
Concrete protection
Issue date2007
JournalRestoration of Buildings and Monuments
Citation"Restoration of Building and Monuments". ISSN 0947-4498. 13:4 (2007) 251-264.
Abstract(s)A ranking procedure, developed by Czarnecki and Lukowski, is applied on a series of concrete protection products. The ranking procedure is applied to evaluate durability experiments, carried out on some commercially available silicone, acrylic and epoxy compounds for surface treatment of concrete. The ranking procedure transforms experimental data of properties into one numerical value, by which the products can be classified according to the way on which their properties present an optimised or even best buy combination. The paper shows the use of the ranking procedure methodology, and points at the importance of the choice of the criteria and of their relative weight factor in the evaluation.
AccessOpen access
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