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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2015Guidelines for on-site assessment of historic timber structuresCruz, Helena; Yeomans, David; Tsakanika, Eleftheria; Macchioni, Nicola; Jorissen, Andre; Touza, Manuel; Mannucci, Massimo; Lourenço, Paulo B.ArticleOpen access
May-2015Evaluation of the bond performance in FRP-brick components re-bonded after initial delaminationGhiassi, Bahman; Xavier, José; Oliveira, Daniel V.; Kwiecien, A.; Lourenço, Paulo B.; Zajac, B.ArticleOpen access
2015A semi-random field finite element method to predict the maximum eccentric compressive load for masonry prismsMoradabadi, Ehsan; Laefer, Debra F.; Clarke, Julie A.; Lourenço, Paulo B.ArticleOpen access
2015Seismic vulnerability of existing masonry buildings: Nonlinear parametric analysisMendes, N.; Lourenço, Paulo B.Conference paperOpen access
2015Comparison between rocking analysis and kinematic analysis for the dynamic out-of-plane behavior of masonry wallsGiresini, Linda; Fragiacomo, Massimo; Lourenço, Paulo B.ArticleOpen access
2015Application of acoustic emission technique for bond characterization in FRP-masonry systemsGhiassi, Bahman; Verstrynge, E.; Lourenço, Paulo B.; Oliveira, Daniel V.Conference paperOpen access
2015Survey and dynamic behaviour of the Our Lady of Conception Church, PortugalMendes, N.; Lourenço, Paulo B.; Besca, Marianna; Trufelli, Elisabetta; Ramos, Luís F.Conference paperOpen access
2016Use of bending tests and visual inspection for multi-scale experimental evaluation of chestnut timber beams stiffnessSousa, Hélder S.; Branco, Jorge M.; Lourenço, Paulo B.ArticleOpen access
Jan-2015Evaluation of the performance of recycled textile fibres in the mechanical behaviour of a gypsum and cork composite materialVasconcelos, Graça; Lourenço, Paulo B.; Camões, Aires; Martins, A.; Cunha, Sandra Raquel LeiteArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2016A holistic methodology for probabilistic safety assessment of timber elements combining onsite and laboratory dataSousa, Hélder S.; Branco, Jorge M.; Lourenço, Paulo B.ArticleOpen access