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TitleEnhancing student relationship management: proposal of a Business Intelligence based architecture
Author(s)Piedade, Maria Beatriz
Santos, Maribel Yasmina
KeywordsBusiness Intelligence
Customer Relationship Management
Data warehousing and mining
Student Relationship Management
Issue date2007
CitationIASK INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, Porto, Portugal, 2007 – “E-activity and leading technologies 2007 : proceedings”. [S.l. : s.n., 2007]. ISBN 978-972-99397-5-4. p. 380-385.
Abstract(s)Nowadays, the information systems used at higher education institutions support essentially academic management processes (student’s registration, student’s management, student’s marks, among others). These systems do not permit the students’ monitoring, the evaluation of their academic success and the closely monitoring of their day-by-day activities. On the other hand, it is largely accepted that a way to promote students’ success is by implementing in institutions processes that support their academic activities in what teaching and tutoring is concerned. So, to make it possible, it is proposed in this paper a Student Relationship Management (SRM) system that will support these processes. The SRM system will support the SRM concept and practice and will be implemented using the concepts and the technological infrastructure that supports Business Intelligence systems. The proposed system will allow the institutions to obtain knowledge concerning the student’s academic behaviour; information that is fundamental to make institutional strategic decisions.
TypeConference paper
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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