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TitleA congruence-free semigroup associated with an infinite cardinal number
Author(s)Smith, M. Paula Marques
Infinite cardinal
Issue date1983
PublisherCambridge University Press
JournalProceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Citation"Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh". ISSN 0308-2105. 93A (1983) 245-257.
Abstract(s)Let X be a set with infinite cardinality m and let Qm be the semigroup of balanced elements in T (X ), as described by Howie. If I is the ideal {α ∈ Qm : |X α| < m} then the Rees factor Pm = Qm/I is 0 −bisimple and idempotent-generated. Its minimum non-trivial homomorphic image P∗m has both these properties and is congruence-free. Moreover, P∗m has depth 4, in the sense that [E(P∗m)]4 = P∗m and [E(P∗m )]3 ≠ P∗m.
AccessOpen access
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